Hire hardwood floor installers for Wood Floor Installation

Hire hardwood floor installers for Wood Floor Installation

Are you looking for hardwood floor installers in Marietta? Most homes during the present few decades are built with concrete or wood sub-floors that have carpeting installed on top. Some homes may come with tile flooring that is placed in certain areas, like in the kitchen, and others may even have laminate tile flooring that is made to look like wood. Many people are tearing up their old flooring, however, to put in hardwood for reasons varying from simply liking hardwood to tiring of cleaning the carpet.

If you are looking to install hardwood flooring in your home, you will need to start by making a preparation checklist. Another thing to hold in mind is that if you are not proficient in the installation or using certain tools, you may want to look into getting some help from the professionals by hiring hardwood floor installers.

Should you Hire Hardwood Floor Installers or Do It Yourself?

Hardwood Floor Installers
Hardwood Floor Installers

Maybe you have seen a few do it yourself home improvement shows and are thinking about installing hardwood floors yourself. (Hardwood Floor DIY Project) For some this is an option if you are handy with power tools, have the necessary tools available, skilled in craftsmanship, or on a very tight budget.

If you are not all of the above, then you may be surprised to discover that hiring a professional to install hardwood floors is not that expensive. On top of that the results will be professional and you won’t be responsible for damage or mistakes that could occur doing the hardwood floor installation yourself.

If I Don’t Want to Hire Hardwood Floor Installers What Do, I Need to Do?

If you are determined to do it yourself, however, there are some easy steps that you can incorporate into your preparation that can allow you to prepare your floor for hardwood installation, as well as ease the process of installation.  If you do decide to hire a hardwood floor installer, then this could help save some money as well.

Here is an easy-to-follow checklist for preparing your home for hardwood installation, and how to install hardwood flooring on your own:

  1. Ensure that your sub-floor is free from bumps and is level; you can use a leveling device to figure this out, and you can use a power sander to smooth out any bumps that you find.
  2. Before installation, check to make sure that there is no moisture on the sub-floor.
  3. When shopping for the hardwood flooring that you desire, make sure that you inquire if the flooring needs any sort of special underlay or pretreatment.
  4. Mark a starting point on where you wish to begin installation of your hardwood flooring and use a measuring device to draw a light chalk outline so that you can lay the flooring straight.
    hardwood floor installers in Kennesaw
    hardwood floor installers in Kennesaw

    (Most non-professionals make the mistake of not having straight lines when installing hardwood flooring.)

  5. Double-check the boards of the flooring to make sure that they are aligned straight before permanently setting them; the joints should be 12″ apart.
  6. Follow the instructions that are provided by the manufacturer of the flooring for setting them.
  7. After you have completed your installation process, make sure that you check for any nail holes (if you used nails) and that you clean the flooring and polish it using products recommended by the manufacturer.

How to Hire Hardwood Floor Installers for Professional Job?

If you don’t want to risk making mistakes or the possibly of having a poor installation. Then probably best to hire hardwood floor installers instead of doing it yourself. Here is what to look for in hardwood floor installers:

In home estimate – Don’t even consider installers that won’t come to your home and give you an in home estimate. There are many factors that could affect the price of installation. Most companies that only give you an in-store estimate, like home improvement stores, they simply charge higher to make sure they are making enough money. Or they could come back with additional charges later after the project has started. An In-Home estimate is ideal to get an accurate estimate and ensure proper preparation for the project.

Choose Samples at Home Not at the store – A common mistake is to choose the color or material at the store. This is bad because the lighting at the store will be different then lighting at home. The best way to ensure your happy with the product installed is see the samples in home before installing them. Some hardwood floor installers will have a “Mobile Hardwood Floor Service” that brings the showroom to you.

Only Hire Experienced Hardwood Floor Installers – Many contractors will offer hardwood floor installation. However, that doesn’t make them a professional or guarantee they are experienced. Hire a company whose primary service is installing flooring and you will most likely get much better results.

Contact Innovation Floors for your Hardwood Floor Installers in Atlanta

If you’re looking for professional hardwood floor installers in Marietta, Kennesaw, or North West Atlanta. Then Innovation Floors is the most ideal choice. We offer all the above mentioned services and features. We bring a mobile showroom to your home, give you an accurate in-home estimate, and are highly experience in installing hardwood floors.  Visit our website for more information or give us a call at 678-776-7722. http://innovationfloors.com/

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