Hardwood VS Laminate Flooring – The Basics

Hardwood vs laminate flooring will create a different look at home. You are probably thinking about removing the old and ugly carpet and reveal the beauty of the floor. Or you are probably thinking about having a new remodel where you can finally give some love and attention to the floor. The problem is to choose whether you should go with the laminate or hardwood flooring in Kennesaw. Before making any decision, here are some basic facts about the two flooring types, so you can make an educated option.

Hardwood vs Laminate Flooring Differences

When it comes to quality, the solid hardwood floor is definitely better. It is made from a ¾ inch of the hardwood cut of a tree. Unlike the laminate floor, which is made of particleboard with photo layer, the hardwood floor is real and authentic.

However, it doesn’t always mean that hardwood is always better than the laminate floor. The latter has its own perks and benefits. Sure, it isn’t as qualified as the hardwood type, but there are some general benefits to gain from the floor. There is nothing greater between hardwood or laminate flooring – you just need to figure out what you need.

hardwood vs laminate flooring
hardwood vs laminate flooring

When it comes to installation, the laminate is better. Yes, you can do the installation on your own.  If you have done this before, the next one would be a breeze. If you haven’t done it, there are some guidance videos that you can use for assistance. Moreover, the laminate floor is cheaper – and the maintenance is quite inexpensive. You could say that hardwood requires a lot of pampering, which will affect your financial condition.

More Differences between Laminate and Hardwood Floor

As it was mentioned before, hardwood is made from 100% wood. It is different from the engineered wood – and certainly far different from laminate flooring. Laminate is made from a think fiberboard that is topped off with other images, such as stone or wood. The idea is to make the floor look similar to the actual stuff (stone or wood).

laminate and hardwood floor
laminate and hardwood floor

What are more differences between laminate and hardwood floor? You need to hire a professional to install the hardwood. It takes special equipment, tool, and skills. If you are non-professional, forget about having a DIY project. You will only make a mess – which requires you to spend more. The laminate, on the contrary, is easily installed even for beginners. The pieces are designed in such a way so they can click together when laid out. No need to use the glue or fastener. In most cases, you don’t need to use a special tool or equipment.

The hardwood floor can last for good with proper care and maintenance. However, direct UV rays can cause discoloration. Floods can also cause significant damage to the floor. But it doesn’t need to be refinished or recoated periodically. Laminate floor, on the other hand, can be used to max 10 years. You should start seeing the signs of wear and damage after it reaches year 6. Such a floor is also prone to scratches, UV rays, and water infiltration. When there is a spill, you need to wipe it right away. Otherwise, the water will seep and cause internal damage.

Be sure to do your research concerning hardwood and laminate flooring in Kennesaw thoroughly. Each of the floor types has its own perks and flaws. Determine what you want from each type and your budgets. Then, you can make a wiser decision of the right flooring type between laminate vs hardwood flooring.

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