Hardwood Flooring Tips for Pet Owners

Hardwood Flooring Tips for Pet Owners

Looking for hardwood flooring tips if you own pets?

If you are thinking about buying hardwood flooring in Kennesaw, and also have pets, then you need to consider a few options. Hardwood floors are common – with a fantastic cause. They look excellent and are effortless for pet owners to preserve. Nevertheless, our four-legged buddies can damage the beauty of our floors. We need to have pet-friendly hardwood floors which can stand as much as their claws.

hardwood flooring tips
hardwood flooring tips

Pets will be the common home inhabitants that do damage to residence flooring. Even hardwood floors usually are not immune to their claws and their bites. To maintain your pets from damaging your flooring, comply with these simple maintenance tips:

Hardwood Flooring Tips to Prevent Pet Damage

Clip your dog’s nails, as well as your cat’s also if vital – Dogs and cats are unusually fond of scratching the floor and to some extent. So, for those who do not clip their nails routinely, you might be in danger of causing damage which you will ultimately pay for the damages.

Get your pets their beds – Invest in a proper bed for every single dog or cat that you just personal. Dogs commonly sleep about twelve hours daily. Cats sleep even longer than dogs. So when you train them to keep on their bed when sleeping, you might steer clear of scratches and bites in your hardwood flooring.

Hardwood Flooring Tips for Choosing the Best Floor for Pets

Pick out Your Hardwood Flooring Material

Your decision of flooring hangs on this selection. Do you want actual hardwood floors – or simply the appearance of hardwood? Right now, you’ll find a lot of selections for dog owners, like tile that appears like wood. Tile is sturdy, simple to retain, and premium quality.

Laminate flooring is yet another alternative and is far more scratch-resistant than hardwood. And many pet owners with laminate floors have been incredibly content with them.

Think about the Source

All woods usually are not produced equal – and some types are better for pets than others are.

Woods to consider

  • Strong maple (also named sugar or rock maple)
  • Brazilian walnut
  • Hickory

Bamboo, though not technically wood, is a further excellent choice. Just make specific to select the appropriate range. Stay away from strained or caramelized bamboo, but strand bamboo is quite robust and can be an awesome alternative for pets. It is full of difficult resins and will hold up just also to scratching as a great hardwood.

Solid Hardwood Only

Engineered wood is an excellent decision for basements and rooms with higher levels of moisture, and it can be an excellent product in dog-free properties. However, it can only be sanded a restricted number of occasions. Solid hardwood is a lot thicker than engineered hardwoods and can be refinished when scratched.

Pre-finished vs. On-Site

These days, you have the selection of selecting pre-finished hardwood flooring or getting it completed onsite. Pre-finished hardwood usually has an aluminum oxide finish that could stand up effectively to claw marks.

Appearance Matter

Get dark-colored flooring. Keep away from wood floors which have a lighter finish. The same goes for wood having a light organic color. Think about the last white vehicle you saw inside the grocery retailer parking lot. Dirt and scratches showed up simply on it, right? It is possible to make certain that your pet will scratch your floor at some point. But with a dark finish, you may by no means notice.

Pick wooden floors with stronger grain patterns. Wood using a “clean” appear or less graining may also show scratches more easily.

Take into account the distressed look. This might not be the appear you wish for your hardwood floors. If not, you will find lots of other possibilities. But if you are open for the vintage feel of a good distressed look for your flooring, it can be a great strategy to disguise marks also.

Step by Step: How you can Get Scratches Out of Hardwood Flooring

Even so, if your pets have already left some scratches on your hardwood flooring, you could fix them by using a wood staining marker that can conceal the scratches. Here are the methods in making use of this marker.


Hardwood Flooring Tips for Removing Pet Scratches:

Clean the damaged spot or spots.

Carry out a spot test just before applying the marker.

If the spot test is profitable, apply the concealing marker.

Rub the stain into the scratches having a clean rag that is soaked having a paint thinner or mineral spirit.

Best Hardwood Flooring Tips for Kennesaw Residence

hardwood flooring tips innovation floors
hardwood flooring tips innovation floors

If you’re considering hardwood flooring in Kennesaw or Atlanta area, and you have pets, then you should speak to a hardwood flooring expert. They will be able to help you choose the best material and options to ensure your flooring will last and not be damaged.

If your hardwood flooring has already been damaged, then a hardwood floor refinishing in Kennesaw could be a great option to get your floors looking new again. Give us a call at Innovation Floors today and schedule a no-cost consultation.

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